Chemsex - what it is and why it needs our attention

"Chemsex" , used both in Dutch and in English, is basically an Enlish word. Chems stands for chemicals, which stands for drugs. Chems and sex really work well with each other. Chems make people feel more relaxed, more free and - depending on the type of chems - more self confident. It sounds like a dream doesn't it?

We have noticed a strong increase of chemsex activities, especially among gay men. Another tendency is the intensity of the usage and a shift in types and intensity of the chems used. Altogether we noticed that a relatively small group of men is at risk of getting into trouble. We've seen men struggle with addiction, loss of friends or carreers, health risks, risks to hiv and other std's.

Though only a small group really suffers the most severe consequences, we offer counseling and meetings to all men who ask themselves: "Am I at risk?".


"Not for everybody and not for every body"

Together with a few experienced chemsex participants plus some health workers and therapists, we started these meetings in Rotterdam in 2018. At a small scale, confidential and (currently) only for men who have sex with men (gay/bi) who want to actively share their experiences and learn from others.


Currently for Dutch (NL) men only

As mentioned, we started at a small scale. The groups share intimate stories and the entire conversation is in Dutch. If you want to join, it's probably no problem if you incidentally share your own stories in English, but please expect answers and discussions in Dutch. That's why the info below is also in Dutch at this point in time.

So... is your Dutch sufficient enough to follow a discussion in Dutch: please check our equivalent NL page on chemsex to read all details on where and when.


HivPort Foundation stands with people with hiv in the Rotterdam agglomeration.

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